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As a customer of LifeDeals you are the most important to us. Without you the company stops. As LifeDeals our ambition is to be the most customer friendly company in the home and lifestyle market. We daily work on improving our customer service and new features on our site to bring the best experience.

LifeDeals is a member of the LifeGroup family. You can create one account, we call it LifeCloud ID, and just login all sites within the family.

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LifeDeals works closely with people who stand behind our company and are in love with our products. We have developed an Influencer Dashboard especially for them.

The dashboard gives you the opportunity to promote our company to your followers and to share in the revenue of our webshop.

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LifeDeals has developed an online marketplace that allows sellers to showcase their products to a wider audience and increase their sales.

In the Seller Dashboard you will find all kinds of practical things such as product information, stocks, orders and more.

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