LifeDeals works closely with people who stand behind our company and are in love with our products. We have developed an Influencer Dashboard especially for them.

The dashboard gives you the opportunity to promote our company to your followers and to share in the revenue of our webshop.

How do we work with influencers?

You can create an influencer account on our webshop. This will give you access to our Influencer Dashboard after approval of your account.

In your account you will find a unique discount code that belongs to your account. With this discount code you can make a nice offer to your followers in, for example, your Instagram Story.

Once an order has been placed using your discount code, it will be credited to your account. You receive 7.5 to 10% of the purchase amount from the customer. 30 days after the order, the commission is allocated to your influencer account (due to the customer’s warranty). You will therefore only receive commission on successful orders that have not been returned. Every 1st of the following month (on a working day) the total amount of commissions of your discount code will be transferred to you.

In this way you share in the proceeds of your promotions.

Start an influencer account or log in!