LifeDeals has developed an online marketplace that allows sellers to showcase their products to a wider audience and increase their sales.

In the Seller Dashboard you will find all kinds of practical things such as product information, stocks, orders and more.

How do we work with Sellers?

If you want to sell your products through LifeDeals, you can create a free seller account. With this account you get, after approval, access to the seller dashboard.

In this dashboard you can set up your store yourself and you can place your first products. We also have the option to provide us with an XML feed. We will import this after approval and link it to your seller account.

LifeDeals charges a 15% commission on all sales, excluding shipping costs. So suppose you sell a product via LifeDeals for € 50 + € 6.95 shipping costs, then we charge 15% over the € 50. All sellers must agree to free shipping above €50. We charge the same shipping costs for all products below this threshold.

Customer orders can be found in your own Seller Dashboard. Create a free account today and start selling on LifeDeals.

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